Team Tech: EtherNet/IP Troubleshooting and Repair Experts

EtherNet/IP – Industrial Ethernet Protocol

EtherNet/IP is a widely used protocol. ODVA is the standards development organization for EtherNet/IP and many other protocols like DeviceNet and Common Industrial Protocol (CIP). Team Tech consultants specialize in ODVA protocols including EtherNet/IP and other CIP based protocols.

ODVA has a very detailed knowledge base of how to best deploy networks that utilize their protocols. Team Tech uses the guides established by ODVA in order to verify that each network is installed per the appropriate standards. As with other protocols like PROFINET and EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP has a design guide that helps to ensure the features of the protocol are fully functional. The Device Level Ring (DLR) offered by EtherNet/IP is among one of the greatest functions of this network topology. However, if the network is not properly configured DLR may not function as intended causing disruptions in the network.

Team Tech experts know exactly how to properly troubleshoot and repair EtherNet/IP networks. A complex network utilizing DLR and multiple switches in different geographic locations can be problematic if incorrectly configured. If you need help with network configuration, or even just a recommendation for a piece of network equipment contact us here. A Team Tech expert is here to help.