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Commissioning Services

Team Tech offers full commissioning services. Team Tech experts use the industry’s best practices to commission Industrial Networks according to the protocol standards. Each protocol has a very strict set of requirements that must be followed to ensure the network performs as intended. Certification of adherence to protocol requirements is recommended for the most reliable network. 

Team Tech’s all encompassing approach to the network allows us to ensure that each protocol’s requirements are followed properly. Each organization like ODVA, the standards group for Ethernet/IP, CIP, and others, publishes the requirements for network requirements for each protocol. Not all industrial ethernet networks are the same. While there are plenty of similarities between protocols like PROFINET and EtherCAT there are also major differences in how frames are transported and handled.

For example, the grounding and bonding differ greatly between networks. PROFIBUS uses ground clamps on cables at each enclosure entrance and exit point, while other protocols like Ethernet I/P recommends bonding the shield at only 1 side. Proper bonding and grounding of the network is critical to ensure proper performance. Noise introduced by VFD’s, motors, and other EMI sources can be virtually eliminated by the correct choice of cable, connectors, and a well designed grounding and bonding plan.

All industrial networks should be commissioned by a third-party to ensure that all design, installation, and verification procedures are followed. A proper commissioning will provide the most robust and reliable network possible.

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Shawn White, RCDD